The Smith Manoeuvre

My fellow Canadians! Is your mortgage tax deductible?

If not, wouldn’t you like it to be?

Join me in this rare interview!

Listen to Fraser Smith, best selling Canadian author of ‘The Smith Manoeuvre’ explain in his own words how Canadians everywhere can make their home mortgage tax deductible!

Here’s what Kelly from Edmonton said recently…
“I know I need to make a drastic change in the way I’m going about creating my “Pot of Gold.”
For years, I was the guy that thought paying off your mortgage & maxing out my RRSP’s were the top priorities. Now that I really look at it, I couldn’t have been more wrong…”

Kelly, Edmonton Alberta

Decide for yourself when you watch this free streamed training workshop…

Now, sit back and enjoy and prepare to be ‘wowed’!

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On a personal note, interviewing Fraser Smith was a true honor and to this day is one of the highlights of my career!

Unfortunately, Fraser has now passed and to my knowledge this is one of the very few interviews that still survive to this day – in all of Canada.

What a legacy he has left us!

Hope you enjoyed the show!

All the very best of continued success!

Mark Huber








Mark Huber, CFP

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